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Information and Cooperation – Keys to School Improvements

Student working at home made black board
Congolese village
Children carrying water home

We provide photos, videos and brochures to help your organization understand and partner with Congolese schools.

Empowering Congo’s Children Through Education
Watch schools go through amazing changes. See Congolese villagers and U.S. partners in action. Hear a child’s dream for his future because of his new school. View the video below and show it to your friends, small group and congregation. Get them excited about building a school in the Congo!!

Educating Girls and Orphans
The Congolese church leaders want more girls and orphans to attend and complete school. To achieve this, the Phipps Scholarship Fund for Girls was created and scholarships for orphans are accepted by the PCUSA.  (Click on Donate.)  Also, Dipa dia Nzamba School for Girls was funded by Myers Park Presbyterian Church and built by CPC to help develop women leaders. In addition, an After-School English and Computer Program was started for high school girls.  All of these efforts have improved girls’ school attendance and performance but the needs for girls and orphans is still enormous.  Please donate.

See first grade students learning, and teachers engaging students at Dipa dia Nzamba, watch the first video.  To learn about the High School Girls’ Program, view the second video.

School for All Ages in the Congo
From primary school to nursing school, this video illustrates how the Presbyterian Church of the Congo is educating students across the years. Produced by: Satori Seven Productions, and narrated by Gwenda Fletcher. (16 min)

Help Build Schools in Congo/Transform Lives
is an informative brochure that can be viewed and printed for distribution to organizations. It can be found here.

We build durable schools and build competent teachers
to build compassionate students who will build caring communities.

These children love their school

Help Build and Equip a School

For information about Build Congo Schools’ goals and work, email us here.