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Volunteers get involved

Volunteering is a powerful tool to fight poverty. These Congo Mission Network volunteers are working hard for positive change.

Help the Congolese build quality schools – Get Involved



  • Ask a person, business or organization to donate a challenge grant toward building a school.
  • Ask others to match it and send the funds to Build Congo Schools.

A BCS partner church gave a large donation toward the building of a school
Other churches and individuals matched the donation. In 9 months the school was funded.

In 4 more months Zapo Zapo school was built. Shortly afterward, a new high school was added to the new building.

Two more matching grants were given and matched, consequently two more schools were built.

This funding strategy successfully built three schools which are now educating more than 4000 students.

One of those schools, Mapata Mualabala School, is shown below — before and after construction.

Before construction
After construction

Many thanks to the Build Congo Schools partners who transformed this school


  • Contribute to Build Congo Schools:
    • $20 for a book
    • $75 for a scholarship
    • $100 for a teacher training
    • $300 for a desk for four
    • $5,300 for a motorcycles to reach remote schools
    • $12,000 for a classroom
    • $90,000 for a six-classroom school with an office, latrines / cistern
  • Form a Build Congo Schools Team at your school, church or organization.
  • Organize a Build party — show a video about the Congo
  • Invite a speaker on the Congo’s schools to your work or organization
  • Distribute Build Congo School brochure to friends and organizations.  (Download the brochure HERE.)
  • Give Congo necklaces as gifts
  • Hold a fund raising craft fair, walk, run or dance-a-thon
  • Attend the annual Congo Mission Network Conference (
  • Travel to the Congo to visit schools with a Build Congo Schools team
  • Advocate for more federal support of the Congo’s schools – call your legislators
  • Ask a foundation, a church or an organization for a matching grant

For information about how you can help, email [email protected].


U.S. necklace teams are crocheting and selling necklaces to fund the building of schools in the Congo.

You can form a team and raise funds too.

Join the necklace project and invite your friends and co-workers to buy necklaces for gifts.

For information about forming a necklace team, email [email protected].

Birmingham team leader crochets thousands of necklaces to support Congolese schools
Lafayette-Orinda California team hard at work making necklaces for a craft fair
Evanston Illinois team prepares necklaces to sell while hearing about the work at Panzi Hospital.

Help Build and Equip a School

For information about Build Congo Schools’ goals and work, email us here.