Our Vision

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Caring community

We build durable schools and build competent teachers in order to build compassionate students who will build caring communities.

Our Vision

The vision of Build Congo Schools is to develop caring competent students. Three teams help implement this vision: one in Kananga representing the Presbyterian Church of the Congo (CPC); one in Kinshasa representing the Presbyterian Church of Kinshasa (CPK) and one in the U.S. representing the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Our objectives

  1. Replace deteriorated schools with durable buildings that have desks, black boards, tin roofs, concrete floors and latrines.  In these new classrooms, teachers can teach without leaking roofs, and students can learn without having to carry stools to school to avoid wet dirt floors.
  2. Provide teacher training in current teaching methods and ways to secure up-to-date information.
  3. Provide current textbooks. Most teachers have no textbooks.
  4. Provide scholarships to make it possible for students with few financial resources to attend school. Girls and orphans are especially in need of these.
  5. Provide motorcycles for supervisors to reach remote schools. Before the cycles were provided, supervisors sometimes walked or rode bicycles up to 150 miles to visit a school.


Many changes are occurring in the Congo’s schools due to the efforts of Build Congo Schools.

GOAL ONE: School Construction

  • Mbiya Mulumba School – construction begins September 2016 in Mbuji Mayi
  • Lusamba School – construction completed in July 2016
  • Lutshuadi School – construction completed in Ilebo – May 2015
  • Mpata Mualabala School – built in Muena Ditu – 2014
  • Zapo Zapo Primary and Secondary School – built in Zapo Zapo – 2013
  • Dipa dia Nzamba Primary and Secondary School for Girls – built in Kananga – 2013
  • Complexe Scolaire Dinanga Primary and Secondary School – built in Kananga.
  • Principals’ offices – constructed at three schools in Nganza and Tshibashi.
  • Tin roofs – placed on 3 schools near Kinshasa.
  • Desks – given to Dinanukila Primary School and the Presbyterian Institute Secondary School.
  • Two Kasai schools – funded by PCUSA’s Women – one built and the second repaired.

GOAL TWO: Textbooks

  • Textbooks given to teachers in 702 Kasai schools by three rotaries – two in Oregon and one in Kananga.
  • One science textbook given to each grade level in all CPC elementary schools in East & West Kasai.
  • Many more books are needed.

GOAL THREE: Teacher Training

  • Teacher training programs – held in Kinshasa, Kananga and Mbuji Mayi.
  • Two proposals – written by Congolese leaders to expand teacher training. Now waiting for funding.

GOAL FOUR: Scholarships

  • The Phipps Scholarship fund for girls created.
  • Scholarships were given. Many more are needed.

GOAL FIVE: Motorcycles

  • Motorcycles – given to help education supervisors reach remote school.
Sorting textbooks for distribution


Congolese Presbyterian leaders identify the next school to be built. Then:

  1. US partners raise and send funds to the Presbyterian Church of the Congo (CPC) or the Presbyterian Church of Kinshasa (CPK).
  2. The Congo team hires construction workers, transports material, oversees construction and keeps records.
  3. The construction team builds the school.
  4. Villagers carry water, cook for the workers, guard the materials and clear away debris.
  5. The contractor sends a report to the BCS team for each phase of construction for approval before next phase is funded.
  6. A dedication ceremony is held with government officials, church leaders, guests and villagers.
  7. The new school oversight remains under the Education Department of the CPC or CPK.
  8. The government pays the teachers’ salaries after the school is accredited which requires many steps.
  9. The maintenance of the school is the responsibility of the principal & staff.
Build Congo Schools planning team in Kananga with U.S. Partners

CPC’s Build Congo Schools Team meets to make plans in Kananga

Planning school improvement goals in Kinshasa

CPK’s Build Congo Schools Team leader making plans in Kinshasa


Lusamba School construction was completed in July 2016. The students will be entering a new school in September 2016. The whole community is excited and will have a dedication ceremony soon.

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For information about Build Congo Schools’ goals and work, email – buildcongoschools@gmail.com